Strategies for Playing Online Roulette


Online casinos offer a wide variety of themed slots, table games and video poker. Some also have a variety of live table games where a live croupier will spin the wheel in roulette or deal the cards in blackjack or baccarat.

The live table game is filmed in a modern studio and is perfect for those who like the game to be more interactive.

The online sportsbooks available offer great odds on numerous betting markets for the gamers who like to bet on their favourite sporting events. These sportsbooks cover all the major sporting events worldwide, like IPL cricket matches, Premier League soccer matches and the American Big Four.

Online Roulette Variations

Online roulette remains one of the most popular games among a large variety of casual casino games. Many different variations were created to keep you interested and excited to play online roulette. There are different variations available:

  • European Roulette: There is one zero box added to the 36 numbers. This increases your chances of winning but with lower odds.
  • American Roulette: Here, two zero boxes are added to the 36 numbers, giving you a lower chance of winning, but you get higher odds.
  • Premium European Roulette: This game has higher stakes for more experienced players with bigger bankrolls.
  • Classic Roulette: This is the most played variation with medium stakes and simple rules.
  • Age of Gods: Roulette: This is a popular Age of Gods-themed roulette game.
  • 101 Roulette: 101 Roulette has an oval wheel. There are more slots and much higher slots.
  • 1000 Diamond Bet Roulette: Has more slots. It also offers higher odds.
  • Dragon Jackpot Roulette: this is an Asian-themed roulette game with jackpots and multipliers.
  • Premium Pro Roulette: This is the one for the high-rolling players. You must be experienced and have a big bankroll. The stakes are super high.

Strategies for Playing the Online Roulette

If you want to be successful when playing any of the variations of online roulette games, it is important to find a strategy that works for you. The odds are set to favour the house. If you place the same stake on the same red or black side bet for a hundred spins, the stats suggest you will lose up to 6% of your stake. The return to player rate in online roulette is 94 %. Playing with a set strategy can increase your winnings. Here are some of the tried and tested online roulette strategies:

The Martingale System:

Using this strategy you must double your stake after every losing spin. The theory is that even if you lose a few spins when you win, you will get back all the bets lost. This system works for the side bets where your odds are even money. You must be patient and start with smaller bets.

The Labouchere System:

With this strategy, you must have a goal of how much you want to win. You then divide that amount by up to ten smaller amounts. You will take the first number and the last number of that sequence for the first bet. Adding the two numbers gives you the first amount to bet. You take the next first and last number in the sequence if you win. If you lose, you take the total stake lost and add it in front of the sequence. You then take the first and last numbers in the sequence to bet. These steps are repeated until you reach your winning goal.

The Reverse Labouchere System:

Using the reverse system increases the next stakes when you win. Each new bet is made of the sum of the first and last numbers in the sequence. You take the next first and last number in the sequence if you lose. If you win, you add the total stake to the last of the sequence of numbers. The new bet will be made up of the first number plus the stake won. Repeat the steps until you reach your winning goal.

The Andrucci System:

This strategy is used when you play single number bets. The Andrucci system is designed using principles of physics. The theory states that each number on the wheel should be covered over time. You must note the numbers that appeared in a cycle of 30-35 spins. Select a number you feel the white ball will land on from the list. Stick to that number for the next 15-25 spins or until you win. Select a new number from the list and repeat.

The D’Alembert System:

This strategy is based on progression. The bets are made on even money bets like red and black or odds and evens. For every bet lost, a coin is added to the next bet. For every bet won, a coin gets taken off the total stake.

The Contra D’Alembert System

The strategy is based on progression. Bets are made on even money bets. For every bet lost, a coin is taken from the total stake. A coin is added to the total stake when a bet is won.

The Fibonacci System:

The strategy is used on even money bets. A sequence of numbers is used where each stake is the sum of the two bets before. The sequence can look like this: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 24, 34 and so on. When you have a loss, the sequence increases by one number. With each win, you will go back two places. You must also have a goal of the amount you want to win.

The Paroli System:

With the Paroli strategy, you double your stake every time you win. You keep on doing this until you get three consecutive spins. You then remove the total stake and start again. You do not double the stake on a losing spin.

The 3 2 System:

With this strategy, you place two separate bets. You bet three coins on an outside even-money bet like odds or evens, and you place two coins on any of the three columns. This even out the risk of losing your total stake.

The 1 3 2 6 System:

This progressive strategy works like this; you place one coin on the first bet, three on the second bet, two on the next bet, and six on the following bet. Then you start with the same sequence again.

Final Thoughts

Minimum and maximum bets in online casinos can determine your strategy. The variation of the roulette game you play can also influence the effect of the strategy you use. Using the correct strategy for the online roulette game you want to play can make a big difference in winning wagers.

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