NFL Win Total Betting: Will the 49ers Get 12 Wins?


With the 2024 NFL season fast approaching, the San Francisco 49ers find themselves with the highest win total listed at FanDuel Sportsbook—11.5 games. Bolstered by a roster packed with key players returning from last season, the Niners are keen to overcome past playoff disappointments and make another Super Bowl run.

Quarterback Brock Purdy's healthy offseason sets a promising tone. However, the unresolved contract situation with wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk, despite his consistent 1,000-yard seasons, adds an element of uncertainty.

Let's analyze whether San Francisco can exceed or fall short of this ambitious win total.

Why the 49ers Could Win Over 11.5 Games

The 49ers' odds of surpassing 11.5 wins are bolstered by their impressive roster composition and seasoned leadership. With a starting lineup brimming with talent, the offense features the likes of Brandon Aiyuk, Deebo Samuel, and George Kittle, making it a formidable unit for any defense to reckon with. Additionally, the offense gains a competitive edge with the presence of 2023 AP Offensive Player of the Year, Christian McCaffrey, and fullback Kyle Juszczyk. The recent addition of first-round pick Ricky Pearsall from the Florida Gators further diversifies their offensive arsenal.

On the defensive end, the Niners are equally dominant with All-Pros Fred Warner and Nick Bosa, whose top-three positional grades in 2023 reflect their impact on the field. Their defense strengthens further with the return of dynamic safety Talanoa Hufanga from injury. It's also worth noting that Kyle Shanahan, now in his eighth season as head coach, provides continuity and experience, with the team demonstrating depth and adaptability.

The 49ers' command over the NFC West is another pivotal factor. According to FanDuel, their -195 odds signify the tightest hold on a divisional title across the conference. Considering their 5-1 record against division rivals last year and the relatively weaker divisional competition, San Francisco's path to exceeding 11.5 wins seems not just feasible but likely.

Why the 49ers Could Win Under 11.5 Games

While the outlook for the San Francisco 49ers appears promising, several factors could contribute to them falling short of the 11.5 win mark. First, the demanding win total itself serves as a significant hurdle. Historical data points to the difficulty teams face after a near-Super Bowl win, often referred to as the dreaded “Super Bowl hangover.” 

The 49ers' agonizing overtime loss in the recent Super Bowl adds a layer of psychological and physical exhaustion that could impact their performance in the upcoming season. In 2019 when they went to the Super Bowl and blew a 10-point fourth-quarter lead, they followed it up by winning just six games in 2020.

Secondly, injuries remain a perennial concern for the team. Key players like linebacker Dre Greenlaw, who suffered an Achilles injury during the Super Bowl, and George Kittle, who underwent surgery this offseason, could start the season in less than optimal condition. Additionally, Christian McCaffrey, who had an outstanding season capped with an Offensive Player of the Year award, logged the highest number of touches in his career. The wear and tear on his body could make him susceptible to injuries.

Contract issues also add uncertainty. Brandon Aiyuk, a consistent 1,000-yard receiver, has yet to secure a contract extension and was notably absent from the mandatory minicamp. While the 49ers have managed holdouts in the past, such distractions can affect team chemistry and focus. 

The 49ers also have a very demanding schedule. More than half of the 49ers games in 2024 are against playoff teams. The schedule includes road games at Buffalo, Miami, and Green Bay, while they must host stellar teams like Kansas City, Detroit, and Dallas. The 49ers should be able to still come out on top in their division but getting through the NFC might be a bit more challenging.

All these factors make it plausible for San Francisco to underperform relative to their high expectations for the season.

The Bottom Line

Whether you bet on NFL teams or not, the 49ers hold a strong position to surpass their total wins of 11.5 games. Their impressive roster, experienced coaching staff, and divisional strength make them a top contender in the NFC. However, potential challenges such as injuries, contract disputes, and a difficult schedule could hinder their success on the field.

Ultimately, it will be up to the team's resilience and execution to determine whether they exceed expectations or fall short of this ambitious win total. As always, only time will tell.


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