Review: Ladbrokes


Ladbrokes are at the very heart of sports betting in this country. The London firm have had a strong presence off-line in retail for decades and have become a by-word for gambling in the UK.

Their online offering, while not being best in class, is strong. Unlike most firms, they tend to veer from offering standard money-back promotions one week to exceptional offerings the next. Keep an eye on their site.

Ladbrokes offer players security and peace of mind. They're an established brand, and in uncertain times, that means a lot.


The Verdict

8.1 Excellent

Ladbrokes have a fairly strong sportsbook offering with a wide range of markets coupled with excellent additional features.

  • Usability 7.8
  • No. of Markets 8.4
  • Sign-up Bonus 8.0
  • Regular Bonuses 7.8
  • Extra Features 8.3

About Author

Chris first got interested in betting back in 2000 when he began working in betting shops throughout Scotland. He has remained in the industry ever since, specialising in marketing and PR roles. Outside of betting, his interests are listening to Blur and following Queen Of The South.

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  1. Ladbrokes in Ireland may well be a different ballgame but my experiences have been nothing short of woeful. I live in Dublin and although I often find their prices to be more competitive (football mainly) this is completely offset by their staff. Their knowledge of markets is very poor and their demeanour with customers is in general appalling. I have tried many shops and to be honest I see little difference. I have come to the point were I only use them at a last resort. Powers and Boyles are light year ahead in terms of product knowledge & customer service. If they ever got their act together I would consider returning but I think that’s highly unlikely.

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