Pinnacle and SBOBET: Within Your Reach with VOdds


Pinnacle and SBOBET are some of the biggest sportsbooks in the betting industry, offering high limits and stunning odds that used to be available to anyone in the UK. Unfortunately, because of some setbacks, they had to pull out.

Pinnacle and SBOBET Withdrawing from UK

In May 2018, Pinnacle broke the news in its Twitter account that they ‘had withdrawn their licence application to the UK Gambling Commission’. While they haven’t been in the UK market since 2014, punters were still disheartened as they hoped to finally get access to Pinnacle’s high limits again.

Meanwhile, in September 2014, SBOBET — one of the biggest bookmakers in Asia known to have high limits — also announced that they shall be closing UK accounts. Since then, there doesn’t seem to be any chance that they will ever be back.

Speculations stirred as some punters believed that it could be because of the enactment of the Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Act 2014, where certain restrictions caused the bookies to shy away from the UK. Others believed it could be because of the Point of Consumption Tax, where 15% shall be taxed from all wagers of UK punters.

Why Did Bettors Like To Bet Through Them?

Regardless of the reason why some Asian bookies pulled out of the UK betting market, punters liked placing wagers through them mainly because:

  • They can cover even small leagues
  • They have higher limits
  • They offer numerous spreads
  • Moreover, all of these reasons lead to one sole goal of professional bettors: to reel-in more profit.

Without access to these bookies, punters are forced to settle with European books and others accepted by the UKGC. Luckily, there’s another way for you to place bets on these bookies.

The Good News Brought by VOdds

You can now bet with Pinnacle from within the UK.

VOdds is a sportsbooks aggregator licensed by Curaçao e-Gaming. It’s a betting platform that allows you to compare odds from their partnered bookies so that you can easily choose the best odd without having to create accounts for each book.

The good news? Both Pinnacle and SBOBET are partners of the platform. All you need to do is create an account with VOdds, make a deposit and you’re all set.

Other Features

Aside from giving you access to a myriad of sportsbooks in one account, VOdds also offers more features for more convenient betting.

Fast Withdrawals/Deposits

One of their most recent updates includes a feature where you can process your withdrawals and deposits through the platform. Therefore, you will only have to manage one bankroll should you use their service.

Positional Orders

This feature allows you to place bets on both teams in one transaction in such a way that you get a profit regardless of which team wins. Positional order betting is best for professional sports bettors or high rollers.

‘Stop Loss and Limit Win’ Function

It’s literally how it seems. VOdds allows you to input a specific amount that you can risk losing and a price where you’ll be satisfied with winning. Their Stop Loss and Limit Win Function can be used for positional and future orders.

If you like to give it a try, VOdds is readily accessible to you anytime as soon as you register to their platform. Plus, be on the lookout because they give bonuses to new users, so don’t miss it.

Final Thoughts

Although unlikely, even if Pinnacle or SBOBET decides to finally come back to the UK betting market, having an aggregator like VOdds is still worth a shot. How can you say no to reliable odds, higher limits and overall betting convenience, right? Hence, if you consider yourself to be a dedicated sports bettor, go ahead and give it a shot!

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