Euro 2016 Qualifiers Stat Pack | 13th October 2014


CHASING some unique stats on all the Euro 2016 qualifying fixtures? You’re in the right place. We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to…

Kazakhstan v Czech Republic | 17.00 | Sky Sports 5

  • Kazakhstan have W1 D4 L11 of their last 16 qualifiers but they have scored in 6/8 qualifiers now, leading to 5/7 seeing Both Teams Score.
  • Kazakhstan have W6 D4 L4 of their last 14 home games, with 8/14 featuring Both Teams Scoring.
  • Kazakhstan have W2 D3 L3 of their last 8 home qualifiers, with only 3/8 seeing Both Teams Score.
  • Czech Republic have W5 D2 L2 of their last 9 games, scoring 2+ in 6/9.
  • Czech Republic have W4 competitive games on the spin for the first time in 7 years.
  • Czech Republic have W8 D6 L2 of their last 16 away games, scoring 2+ in 8/16 and only failing to net in 2/16. – 9/16 saw Over 2.5 Goals and 10/16 BTTS.
  • Czech Republic have W6 D1 L1 of their last 8 away qualifiers – they’ve only lost at Spain and Italy in qualifying games since 2008.

Iceland v Netherlands | 19.45 | Sky Sports 1

  • Iceland have W7 D3 L3 of their last 13 competitive games, scoring 2+ in 9/13.
  • Iceland have seen Both Teams Score in just 2/14 home games with 11/14 featuring Under 2.5 Goals and keeping 8/14 clean sheets.
  • Netherlands have scored 2+ in 11/12 qualifying games.
  • Netherlands have W4 D1 L1 of their last 6 away qualifiers with 4/6 featuring Both Teams Scoring and 4/6 Over 2.5 Goals.

Latvia v Turkey | 19.45 | Sky Sports Interactive

  • Latvia have W2 D3 L8 of their last 13 qualifying games, conceding 2+ in 8/13.
  • Latvia have W3 D2 L3 of their last 8 home competitive games, only failing to score in 2/8 but with 5/7 seeing Over 2.5 Goals.
  • Latvia have seen Both Teams Score in 3/9 qualifiers and failed to score in 5/7.
  • Turkey have L3 competitive games on the trot – their worst run in qualifying since 1992.
  • Turkey have W7 L2 of their last 9 away games but W4 D5 L7 of their last 16 competitive away games.
  • Turkey have seen Both Teams Score in just 3/15 qualifiers but have scored in 5/6 competitive away games.

Andorra v Israel | 19.45 | Sky Sports Interactive

  • Andorra have D2 L59 of their last 61 internationals.
  • Andorra haven’t collected a point in qualifying since 1995.
  • Andorra have conceded fewer than 3 goals in 12/18 qualifying games.
  • Andorra have lost by 3+ in 6/18 home competitive games but scored just 5 competitive goals in 14 years at home
  • Israel have W5 D5 L2 of their last 12 competitive games with 6/7 featuring Both Teams Scoring.
  • Israel have scored in their last 10 away qualifiers with 7/10 seeing BTTS.
  • Israel have won by 3+ goals in an away competitive match just twice since 1998.

 Bosnia-Herzogovina v Belgium | 19.45 | Sky Sports Interactive

  • Bosnia have W1 D1 L3 of their last 5 competitive games.
  • Bosnia have W8 D1 L2 of their last 11 home qualifiers, scoring 2+ in 7/11 and 7/11 featuring Over 2.5 Goals.
  • Bosnia have seen Both Teams Score in 5/6 qualifying matches.
  • Belgium have W12 D3 L1 of their last 16 competitive games – the defeat was 1-0 to Argentina in the World Cup quarter-final.
  • Belgium have only scored 2+ in 2/7 competitive games.
  • Belgium have W7 D1 L1 in away qualifiers, with 6/7 wins ‘to ni’.

Wales v Cyprus | 19.45 | Sky Sports 5

  • Wales have W3 D3 L1 of their last 7 games with 5/7 featuring Under 2.5 Goals.
  • Wales have W4 D4 L6 of their last 14 qualifiers, only keeping 2/14 clean sheets.
  • Wales haven’t scored 3 goals in a competitive home game for 19 matches.
  • Cyprus have W2 D4 L18 of their last 24 games, failing to score in 9/11.
  • Cyprus have lost by 3+ goals in 1/20 away competitive games – v Germany in 2007.
  • Cyprus have seen Both Teams Score in 4/7 away qualifiers.

Croatia v Azerbaijan | 19.45 | Sky Sports Interactive

  • Croatia have kept 4 consecutive clean sheets in qualifying matches – W3 D1.
  • Croatia have only scored 2+ in 4/8 home qualifying games.
  • Croatia have seen Under 2.5 Goals in 10/14 qualifying games and just 1/9 home qualifier feature Over 2.5 Goals or Both Teams To Score.
  • Azerbaijan have seen Under 2.5 Goals in 8/10 competitive matches.
  • Azerbaijan have lost back-to-back qualifiers but have W1 D5 L3 of their last 9 and scored in their last 6.
  • Azerbaijan have only ever won 1 away qualifier – away to Lichtenstein in 2009 but have only lost by 2+ in 1/9.

Malta v Italy | 19.45 | Sky Sports Interactive

  • Malta have L12/14 games but have scored in 8/13 at home.
  • Malta have lost by 2+ in 7/21 home matches and only conceded 3+ in 3/12 home games.
  • Malta have seen Over 2.5 Goals in 6/7 qualifiers.
  • Italy haven’t lost a qualifying match since September 2006 – the longest unbeaten stretch in European football.
  • Italy have only recorded back-to-back away qualifying wins once in the past 5 years.
  • Italy have scored 2+ in 5/6 away qualifiers but not won by 3+ goals in 21 away qualifiers.

Norway v Bulgaria | 19.45 | Sky Sports Interactive

  • Norway have only W2 D4 L8 of their last 14 games and failed to score in 8/14.
  • Norway have seen Under 2.5 Goals in 8/12 competitive games.
  • Norway have kept just 2/14 clean sheets in meaningful matches – their win at Malta was their first away clean sheet in a competitive game for 5 years.
  • Norway have W1 D1 L3 of their last 5 competitive home games, failing to net in each defeat.
  • Bulgaria have W2 L4 of their last 6 qualifiers and W3 D6 L6 of their last 15 away qualifiers.
  • Bulgaria’s last 3 away competitive games have featured Over 2.5 Goals with 6/8 featuring Both Teams Scoring.

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