WeLoveBetting Sunday Cash Giveaway | 22nd February 2015 | Sky Sports 1


IT'S Sunday. We're bored. Let's give away money to one of our followers.

WeLoveBetting Sunday Cash Giveaway | Sunday 16:15 | Sky Sports 1

Simple stuff this week guys. Just guess the exact time of the first goal in the Southampton v Liverpool match. Minute and second please (eg) 42 minutes 37 seconds or 42:37.

The nearest guess will win a £10 cash injection into their PayPal account later today. Simple as that!

This week we don't want your RT, we want your view! To qualify to win the £10 please leave your guess in the comments section below this page and your view on WeLoveBetting.

Be as complimentary or as horrible as you like, we don't care, we just want your feedback to make the site better. What do you like about our site? What do you hate about about WLB? Tell us and you'll qualify for the £10 instant cash.


1. Guess the exact time of the first Southampton v Liverpool goal

2. Alongside that please leave your view on WeLoveBetting. What you like, what you hate, whatever you want!

3. The nearest guess to the exact goal time will receive £10 cash later on Sunday

4. Any questions/issues just get us on Twitter @WeLoveBettingUK.

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Chris first got interested in betting back in 2000 when he began working in betting shops throughout Scotland. He has remained in the industry ever since, specialising in marketing and PR roles. Outside of betting, his interests are listening to Blur and following Queen Of The South.


    • Really like most of the articles and comps, one which I particularly liked was the article from @w2Dyer re the win and BTTS markets. This is not a bet I’d would do as I find it hard enough to pick a win but I I would think it would have been very informative, helpful and of interest to anyone who doe’s bet on this market. Keep up the good work

  1. Josh Healey on

    22 mins 15 secs.

    The site is excellent IMO. There’s an array of tips across many different sports. One thing…for example when there’s 3 tips on a page (eg marks football league tips), perhaps point out whether you’re backing the treble or not, and what the best odds are. Obviously people do what they want with the tips but sometimes it’s difficult to understand what you guys are doing with them!

    For the future it’d be great if you could cover county cricket as well.

  2. Top stats and team news help make informed decisions. be a bit more open about selections that dont come in though!

  3. 64mins 10 secs love the analysis and wrote ups. Thonk you shoild carry on being simple. Quality not quantity. A few well researched tips. Maybe more sports if you get the experience and time

  4. ALAN BLACK on

    23m 45s
    great sight , good opinionated articles.
    Would like to see a running total of various tipsters success/failure rate to date

  5. tis very good for stats if youre clueless about form , good place to come all info in one plce no need to trawl google

  6. 23 minutes 23 seconds!
    Great site, easy to understand and variety of markets when tipping. Keep it up lads.

  7. 32 minutes and 19 seconds.

    I love the amount of tips put up and the fact there are multiple contributors specific to different leagues. Sometimes tipping sites are only a few people from the same country, which often means you get the stats only, anyone can read the stats, but if you have somebody that knows the league then you’ve always got those little bits of knowledge that stats don’t show. I also love the amount of giveaways. If I could improve one thing it would be to have a ‘Punters Page’ where people comment their favourite 2/3 bets of the day, keep their own tallies and follow other people’s tips. No discussion of the games, just tips, reasons and quoted winners.

  8. 17 minutes 30 seconds

    Love the analysis posts. Maybe more new accounts offers, like the 888 one you did recently? Would’ve loved that if I didn’t already have an account.

  9. 22.52
    I like the articles on this site. Its like in an exam when you answer a question you have to show your working out! Well that what the boys here do… Very well explained and it puts you at ease I guess.

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