Tiger Woods Golfing Calendar for the Three Months Following the Masters


After his historic performance at the Masters, where he made headlines by setting a new record for consecutive cuts made at Augusta, Tiger Woods is not slowing down. Despite feeling pain from the intense competition at Augusta National, he's gearing up to face three more major challenges in the coming months.

With 26 appearances in the Masters, Woods is no stranger to the sport's demands. Yet, his commitment to participating in one major tournament per month illustrates his enduring passion and determination for golf.

Fans are buzzing with excitement as Tiger remains “hopeful” about his participation, promising thrilling displays of skill and resilience.

Woods' Historic Performance and Future Plans

Despite facing challenges at Augusta, where he made his 24th consecutive cut, Tiger Woods, at 48 years old, showcased the timeless nature of his talent. Although he finished with the highest score of his career, Woods' achievement highlighted his unparalleled skill and determination. Besides focusing on his playing career, Tiger has broadened his influence within golf.

Tiger Woods stated this week that he continues to move forward with his plan from earlier this year to play one tournament per month. While injuries kept him from fulfilling that promise in March, a month he didn’t compete in, Woods plans to play at Valhalla in two weeks for the PGA Championship, Pinehurst No. 2 in June for the U.S. Open, and Royal Troon in July for the Open Championship. Woods has experienced success on those first two courses; he won in 2000 at Valhalla and finished runner-up in 2005 at the U.S. Open at Pinehurst. While his playing career in non-majors appears to be over, except for his tournament in Los Angeles every February, Woods still has his sights set on winning major championship No. 16.

Woods has also taken on a senior role to steer the sport's future, emphasizing his commitment beyond just competing. Amidst this, Woods has been a key figure in discussions aimed at uniting the PGA Tour with LIV Golf, meeting with Yasir Al-Rumayyan, the head of Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund (PIF), to ensure the game's growth benefits everyone involved.

Tiger, along with Rory McIlroy, has stood firm with the PGA Tour, even as others moved to LIV Golf, lured by significant financial incentives. Loyalty to the PGA Tour has its rewards, as seen in the equity shares given to loyal players—Woods is poised to receive a massive $100 million. McIlroy reportedly has been invited back to the PGA Tour’s policy board this month, a move that hopes to help propel the Tour to a deal with PIF. McIlroy has stated he would like to see golf move to more of a Champions League Tour with the potential merger where the top players compete together worldwide regularly. In the end, though, Woods will have a significant influence on whether a deal gets done and what it looks like.

This move exemplifies the changing dynamics of professional golf and Tiger Woods‘ pivotal role in shaping its trajectory.

Tiger Woods Comments on Scottie Scheffler

Like every golf fan, Tiger Woods has been impressed with the run that Masters champion Scottie Scheffler has been on. Scheffler’s dominance has sparked comparisons to Tiger’s great runs early in his career. Scheffler’s won four of his last five starts, one being a major, another The Players Championship, and the other two being designated events.

Woods says what makes Scheffler so dominant is his impeccable ball striking and ability to change and control his ball flight, something that blows other golfers away. According to Tiger, if Scheffler’s putting great, he runs away with the tournament. Even when his putting is average, he usually wins, and when it’s poor, he still contends. Scheffler, who sparked the lowest golf odds to win a major championship since Tiger Woods in 2013, is also a considerable favorite to win the PGA Championship in two weeks, pending his availability given his wife’s maternity status.

Tiger Woods's Legacy Continues at the Future Masters

This summer, the 75th annual Press Thornton Future Masters is set to spark excitement as it showcases young talent from across the nation. Players from under ten to 18 years old will converge on Dothan to participate in this prestigious tournament, which runs from June 22-29, 2024, at the Dothan Country Club.

Among the young golfers are Dothan native Wiley Alford, aged 12, Douglas Lee, aged 13, also from Dothan, and Parker Trawick, aged 15, from Enterprise. Adding to the anticipation, Tiger Woods' son, Charlie Woods, who is 15 years old, will also be taking to the green, continuing his father's legacy in the world of golf.

Competitors not initially selected for the tournament have been placed on a waiting list, with the possibility of joining the tournament if openings become available. The Future Masters presents an invaluable opportunity for these young golfers to shine, carrying forward the spirit and passion of golf into the future.


As we look ahead, Tiger Woods' story is far from over. His actions on and off the golf course continue to inspire and shape the future of the sport. Through mentoring young talents like his son Charlie and participating in discussions for the growth of golf, Woods exemplifies leadership and commitment to excellence.

His involvement in significant tournaments and initiatives, such as the negotiations between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf, demonstrates his influence extending beyond just his playing career. 

Tiger Woods, through his enduring legacy and continued impact on the sport, stands as a living legend, constantly evolving and contributing to the game of golf and the sports world at large.

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