The 8 Best Finnish Betting Sites


The Finnish people are passionate about their sport and there’s a thriving betting community as punters try to beat the bookies.

Whether it’s the national sport Pesäpallo, ice hockey or football games at home or abroad, there are plenty of options for a bet.

And while sports gambling in Finland is heavily regulated, there’s nothing to stop people from opening accounts with offshore bookmakers.

Is Betting Legal In Finland?

Yes, there is nothing to stop the Finns from having a flutter. In common with most countries, you need to be 18 or over to have a bet.

Is Betting Regulated in Finland?

The state-owned company Veikkaus Oy regulates betting within Finland and holds a monopoly within its borders. This was formed in 2007 after Veikkaus merged with Finland’s Slot Machine Association and another agency called Fintoto. There has been government regulation since the end of World War II and the billions generated each year help fund social projects.
Finland has thus far resisted attempts to open up to foreign bookmakers. Although Finns are allowed to use offshore accounts, these firms are banned from advertising in the country.

Top 8 Finland Betting Sites

There’s a wide range of domestic firms for Finnish punters to choose from. This helps boosts the odds for many markets and here are some of the top sites on offer.

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Which Sports Are Popular In Finland?

Pesäpallo: The national sport in Finland is Pesäpallo, which is similar to baseball. The main difference is that the ball is pitched vertically which makes it easier to hit. It was a demonstration sport at the 1952 Olympics and is also played in Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia and Canada.

Ice Hockey: Finland are one of the major powers in world ice hockey and they won Olympic gold for the first time at Beijing 2022. The Liiga is the top domestic competition while Finnish clubs also compete in the Champions Hockey League, with JYP winning the tournament in the season 2017-18.

Football: The Finnish top flight is sponsored by the state gambling regulator and goes by the name Veikkausliiga. HJK Helsinki are the dominant force, having won four of the last five titles. Football is the most popular participation sport in Finland and they have produced stars such as Jari Litmanen and Sami Hyypia.

Winter Sports: The climate in Finland makes winter sports hugely popular and they have amassed 175 medals at the Winter Olympics. There’s a huge market of sports to bet on, including skiing, figure skating, biathlon, snowboarding and curling.

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