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One of the many great things about playing online slots is the variety of different games available.

There are several genres from which to choose including classic, gods, Egypt, movies, television, cartoons, folklore, magic and sport. You will find many games available within each category but one genre which has enjoyed plenty of expansion in recent years is sport.

Horse racing is one of the sports which has seen a good introduction in the world of online slots. However, other sports are quickly catching up and arguably the most popular sport on the planet is football. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to see one of the latest editions in the NetEnt Casino List is a football slot game. The Super Striker slot is a tremendous game and we will take a closer look at everything it has to offer in our Super Striker review slot game review below.

NetEnt are regarded by many as being the world's leading online slot game developer. Having been founded in 1996, NetEnt was one of the leaders in online casino gaming when it started to take off in the mid-1990’s. The company is now listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. In 2019, NetEnt released more games in a single year than they ever have before, with 31 games entering the market compared to 21 in the previous year.

So, the first thing to note about Super Striker Slot game is it has been developed by arguably the best casino game creator available today. You cannot underestimate the value of a tried and trusted company when it comes to playing online slot games and they do not come any better than NetEnt.

Super Striker was released in April 2020 and was done so in anticipation of the European Championship, which was due to be played in the summer. Unfortunately, events around the world has seen that tournament postponed until the summer of 2021. Fortunately, football fans around the world can enjoy playing the Super Striker slot in anticipation of the competition finally taking place across the continent.

Super Striker clearly targets football fans and those of a certain age may see the resemblance between this slot game and a video game. To be more precise, you could play Super Striker as an arcade game but it was also released as an easy to play version of Subbuteo. It was a basic game but the principles were good and the Super Striker slot certainly follows a retro football theme.

When the slot game begins, you are met with a few shots of the crown and also a commentator before reaching the main title screen. You are given a ticker tape welcome as the title of the game appears along with a football, the pitch and crowd. The commentator starts the game by saying how excited people are with Super Striker and the crowd begins to roar as you are taken to the main slot page. It is a particularly good introduction and sets the mood perfectly for the game. Regardless of whether you are a football fan or not you cannot help but be swept away with the excitement of playing the Super Striker slot game.

Super Striker slot is a 3 reel, 5 payline game. The 3 x 3 reel is simple and set inside a football stadium surrounded by the fans. The symbols on the reels consist of footballs, players and football boots. This may sound basic and in truth it is a simplistic approach. However, NetEnt have a great reputation of making slot games easy yet extremely exciting to play and Super Striker is one of those games.

You can hear the referee blow his whistle and when he does you know you are ready to begin playing. You start by selecting your stake and this can range from £0.10 to £75, meaning Super Striker is available to play for gamblers with a wide range in terms of budget. As with most online slot games, the idea of Super Striker is to line up as many of the same symbol as possible to win. The highest rated symbol in the game is the golden player and this is the one you are aiming to try and line up. However, each of the three symbols is available in different colours and you should be trying to get as many gold symbols as you can.

For example, if you can fill the reels with golden boot symbols you will see a football flash across the screen and your winnings displayed in the form of a sports news reel. This is a nice touch as most football fans will be used to watching shows with this type of layout. It will seem remarkably familiar when playing the game. In the case of the golden boot, this is classed as a big win and that is what you will see flashing across the screen in the style of a sports news channel along with the amount of money you have won.

It is worth mentioning at this stage of our Super Striker slot game review that this game has a high volatility and a strong RTP of 96.04%. Due to the high volatility of the game, you must expect to have runs where you will not win a great deal but this is where the autorun feature comes into play. In addition, the bet slip feature allows you to try and predict the frequency of symbols appearing in a certain number of spins. Doing this successfully unlocks a multiplier prize and you can see your winnings increase dramatically in front of your eyes.

There are two types of scatters when playing the Super Striker slot game, standard scatters and golden scatters. The former is a normal looking football whereas the latter is a Golden football and by combining these symbols you can win free spins. By landing an individual scatter symbol you will win money but by successfully lining up 3 scatter symbols on the reels you are taken to the free spins screen. At this point you are taken into the commentary box where the two commentators will inform you of what you need to get in order to win free spins. In total, there are 5 different levels of free spins and they each come with an increasing multiplier. Each time you advance to the next level of free spins, you will hear the crowd roar and receive a big win. All of this is played in front of a goal and as the golden footballs drop, you can just imagine smashing them into the back of the net as you collect your winnings.

Unfortunately, there’s no progressive jackpot on Super Striker, which will come as a disappointment to some people. However, this is as good as forgotten about thanks to the bet slip feature, we mentioned above. Betting on football matches is big business and it is no surprise to see NetEnt have included this in their online slot game. All you have to do, is pick the symbol you think will appear and place your bet. It is no different to picking the team you believe will win a football match and then watching the action unfold, cheering on the team you have bet to win. If you bet using the highest stake available it is possible to win over £900,000, which is an incredible amount of money.

If you happen to trigger the bonus round, your bet slip is not forgotten. It will be paused ready for you to pick up and continue following the completion of the bonus.

In terms of the theme, it is difficult to beat Super Striker. From the first moment when you begin playing the game the excitement builds thanks to the noise of the crowd and the words of the commentator. The cartoon graphics are kept simple but work well within the game and although some gamblers will feel they are a little basic, the overall gameplay more than makes up for it.

When compared to other football slot games currently available on the market there is no doubt Super Striker is leading the way.

In fact, Super Striker slot game has a retro feel which many players will enjoy. The bet slip future and free spins round not only add to the gameplay but also to the overall theme of the slot. Football fans will certainly want to give Super Striker a go but there is also plenty for those who are not in love with the beautiful game. Expect to see Super Striker move up the slot game rankings in terms of popularity throughout 2020 and beyond.

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