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LOUIS Ross (@LouisRoss67) returns to cast his eye over the Week 3 NFL prices.

Week 2 in he National Football League was something else wasn't it? The general consensus amongst the experts in America was it was the toughest week to call in 30 years. That is relevant because we may all need to change some of the views we held going into the new season.

The Colts are in no position to challenge anyone whilst Andrew Luck continues to turn the ball over. Tom Brady is on a mission in New England. Philly are a complete bust and the Jacksonville Jaguars may only be the 29th worst team in football. The only constant? My Chicago Bears are even worse than forecast. On to Week 3…

Pittsburgh Steelers @ St Louis Rams | Sunday 18:00

The Steelers were my tip for the AFC and I have seen nothing to change that view. True, they lost on opening night at New England but there was plenty to like in that loss.

Playing for a second week without the best WR/RB combo around, they demolished the 49ers in Week 2. LeVeon Bell returns to the backfield this week and that should be the key to this contest.

Despite me putting up the Rams defence as the best in football, they actually rank 30th against the run. Allowing an average of 153 yards per game on the ground. They now face the best running back of 2014.

The Pittsburgh defence is always a worry, but this team have an element of Kevin Keegan's Newcastle team about them. The opposition can do what they like, we will simply score more. Potentially the best offence of the past decade, I will take them on at +1 on the handicap.

Atlanta Falcons @ Dallas Cowboys | Sunday 18:00

The Cowboys somehow arrive here 2-0. That's the same Dallas team that lost Dez Bryant in Week 1 and more concerning, Tony Romo in Week 2.

I was actually impressed with the win in Philly but then you have to take into account just how useless the Eagles were on Offence. The Dallas offensive line did a magnificent job (almost) protecting their quarterback. Now ‘America's Team' will be led by Branden Weeden.

I know we have had an incredibly unpredictable start to this season, but excuse me if I oppose Dallas every week, if for no other reason than they are led by Weeden.

Atlanta has had a reasonably solid start. Matt Ryan led them to a 4th Quarter comeback against the Giants last week, who were themselves impressive against Wasington on Thursday night.

Julio Jones will take some stopping and although Tevin Coleman misses out through injury, Devonta Freeman is an adequate back up. Jones has a pair of TDs and 276 yards through two games and is in my Fantasy team this week. I see a fairly routine 10 point win here and am very happy with line a Atlanta -1.

Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Jets | Sunday 18:00

If Pittsburgh and their ‘We score more than you' approach is Kevin Keegan's Newcastle, then the Eagles are Newcastle in Keegan's second spell. Nothing, and I mean nothing is working.

DeMarco Murray who was unstoppable in Dallas last year can barely get the ball back to the line of scrimmage. He averages an incredible (not in a good way) 0.5 yards per carry in 2015.

The Eagles gave up LeSean McCoy & Jeremy Maclin this off season and boy have they paid a price. The vaunted Chip Kelly offence just isn't working. Neither is the defence or special teams and the play calling is not exactly top notch either.

Normally those words would apply to the Jets but from absolutely nowhere, they have found an offence. When Geno Smith had his jaw broken by a team mate in training camp and was replaced by Ryan Fitzpatrick, you could hear the groans from this side of the Atlantic.

Fitz is with his fourth team in four years, never a good sign, but he seems to be just what this team needs right now. Eric Decker is suddenly free from Double Teams now he has Brandon Marshall taking the saftey's eye. Ivory is doing a fine job in the backfield and getting Darrel Revis back at corner has reinvigorated the franchise.

Many better wideouts than what Philly have, will be taking a break on ‘Revis Island'. Jets -2? Yes please.

Best Bets

Pittsburgh Steelers @ St Louis Rams – Pittsburgh +1 (10/11 Paddy Power)

Atlanta Falcons @ Dallas Cowboys – Atlanta -1 (20/21 BetVictor)

Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Jets – New York Jets -2 (20/21 Sportingbet)

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