NBA 2018/19 – Lillard can lead Trail Blazers play-off challenge


NBA analyst Gabe Seatter (@HoopCheck) has shared a selection of ante-post selections ahead of the new season.

NBA 2018/19: The Play-offs

The new NBA season is dawning on us with less than a month until the campaign curtain-raiser, an absolute mouthwatering clash between the Celtics and the 76ers.

An old eastern rivalry and quite frankly, the only two teams with any chance of winning the East.

Whilst looking through the ante-post markets, I’ve found some outrageous value that cannot be ignored.

Portland Trail Blazers to make the play-offs (5/4 Bet365)

Last season the Portland Trail Blazers shocked a lot of people with their untold success, finishing in the top three of the West.

Damian Lillard, the face of franchise, has remained in Portland despite rumours of his possible departure. This is amazing news because without him, it’s hard to see them even being an over .500 team.

The problem with Portland is that they’re not very deep, at all. Their starting five has to be healthy all season for them to even be considered for a play-off spot, and so, they are overpriced to me.

I would be making them favourites. Despite the West being extremely tight last year, I think we’ll see a little more breathing room between teams and Portland breathing relatively easy in their quest to reach the play-offs (6/5 Betway).

Detroit Pistons not to make the play-offs (11/8 Bet365)

Moving to the Eastern Conference, the supposedly easier conference to play in, Detroit Pistons are on my list.

Last season they finished four games back from a play-off spot and the mid-season trade of Harris for Griffin left a lot to be desired in the Pistons all-round game. Griffin is inconsistent at best, and a hot head, prone to petty spats on the court.

Even with a play-off spot potentially becoming free from the regular top eight, due to the Cleveland Cavaliers roster nightmares having had LeBron move on, I don’t see the Pistons doing what needs to be done this season.

I just can’t picture it and so Detroit Pistons not to make the play-offs at 11/8 (Bet365) is a bet.

Minnesota Timberwolves not to make the play-offs (13/8 Bet365)

Finally I’m heading back to the West, in what some might say is a controversial pick.

Minnesota Timberwolves, in my opinion, are not a play-off team – they lack any sort of consistency. Moreover, they lack an actual will to play sometimes on the court. They boast a roster that I believe is beaten very easily in the face of adversity.

I mentioned previous that the Western Conference was so tight last season, and for the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Denver Nuggets it all came down to their final regular season match as to who would make it through.

It was an epic match that saw us go to overtime to find a winner, where the Timberwolves won 11-5 (112-106). Home court advantage played a huge part in that match and I believe Denver were the better team.

I expect the Timberwolves to face some franchise defining challenges in the upcoming season, and I don’t fancy them to come through it. They’re 13/8 (Bet365) to miss the play-offs.

Best Bets

NBA 2018/19 – Portland Trail Blazers to make the play-offs (5/4 Bet365)

NBA 2018/19 – Detroit Pistons not to make the play-offs (11/8 Bet365)

NBA 2018/19 – Minnesota Timberwolves not to make the play-offs (13/8 Bet365)

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