How to Bet on the NBA Like a Pro


It is no surprise that the NBA is one of the most-watched sports leagues around the world. Betting on basketball can be an exciting and engaging experience. The fast-paced nature of the NBA makes it a good match for making pre-match and in-play bets.

However, some of the bets and markets can seem somewhat difficult to understand for a beginner. In this article, we will go through all the essentials so you know how bet on the NBA like a pro!

Finding Value in NBA Bookmakers

The key to being successful in any type of sports betting is to consistently find value in your bets. This will give you an important edge over the bookie. Nowadays, there are many bookmakers which offer a range of odds for NBA games. Most offer a range of markets for both pre-match and in-play action. You can also benefit from live graphics, which will show you exactly how the game is going. We recommend choosing a few bookmakers since this means you can benefit from the best odds. You can check out the best UK bookmakers list to get a better idea on which bookmakers offer the best odds and NBA betting experience. The advantage of choosing multiple bookmakers is that you aren’t forced to choose specific odds. The odds being offered can vary significantly, depending on the bookmaker, and therefore by going with multiple bookmakers you can increase the value of your bet by choosing the best odds. Below, we will take a look at the different bets on offer in the NBA.

NBA Moneyline Betting

Firstly, we will go through moneyline betting since it is the most simple to understand. In this bet, you simply pick the team which will find the final game. If they win the game, then you win the bet. It is as simple as that. Some types of moneyline bets will refund your money if the game ends in a draw; however, you should always check this with your bookmaker.

NBA Spread Betting

The most common type of NBA betting tends to be spread betting. This is a way of evening the odds, by applying a spread of points to the underdogs and favorites. For example, a spread of +6.5 will indicate that the team is underdogs. If you place this bet, then you win the bet if the team does not lose by a score larger than 6 points. Alternatively, you may place a bet on the favorites with a spread of -6.5. This bet would require the favorites to win by seven or more points for your bet to be successful.

NBA Over/Under Betting

Another type of popular NBA betting involves overs and unders. This is a bet which involves the point totals, and it does not take into account which team comes out as winners. For example, bookmakers may offer an over/under bet of 206.5. In this bet, if the total combined score of the teams is above 206, then you win the bet if you bet on overs. If you bet on under, then the total combined score of the teams would need to be lower than 207 to win.

Closing Thoughts on Betting on NBA

You will now have a much better understanding of the essentials of NBA betting. Once you have understood the markets and types of bets, you can start getting involved in some exciting NBA action. We recommend visiting to have a look at some of the highest-rated bookmakers that offer a variety of NBA bets.

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