Grand National 2016 | Sweepstake Kit PDF | 9th April 2016 | Channel 4


FANCY getting involved in a Grand National sweepstake this Saturday? Our handy kit is available to download.

Grand National 2016 | Sweepstake Kit PDF | Saturday 17:15 | Channel 4

If you’re the ‘guy who likes a bet’ in work, or the brother who loves the GGs then you’ll no doubt be getting asked for your opinion on who’ll win the Grand National on Saturday. Let us make your life less of a misery for the next few days… tell people to pick their own winners.

Our handy, simple Grand National Sweepstake Kit makes it easy for you to get your friends, family or colleagues involved in the biggest race of them all.

Just download the PDF, print it out and cut out the horses. Allow people to pick a horse, giving you a pound each then when the race is won dish out the cash to those who have the first, second, third and fourth placed horses. You’ll be the most popular guy in the place and four people will be quids in. Simples.

Grand National Sweepstake Kit

Click here: Download your Grand National Sweepstake Kit PDF

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