Esports Betting: Gambling on the UK’s Most Popular Game


Esports is a rapidly growing market for fans of online gambling. Traditional sportsbooks and niche Esports bookmaker sites are particularly targeting the Esports betting UK market due to it's increasing populatory among it's emerging army of fans.

When trying to find the most popular type of Esports to bet on, you can do this by simply visiting your favourite bookmakers who will more than likely be offering odds on the most popular games.

Since Esports is still relatively new to most of the betting world, the bookmakers usually only offer odds on the most popular games.

How to watch Esports

Another good way to learn about eSports be to visit the world of streaming on a website called Twitch. This website allows people, tournaments and organisations to stream their games so people can watch. This is a great way to catch the game you've bet on, and watch it live, like you would do if you had a bet on the football.

The streaming platform is, in theory, the Esports website version of Sky Sports or BTSport for your everyday sports. To get a good indicator of what the most popular games are, you can click on the ‘browse’ option, and this will show you in popularity order, of the games with the most viewers. The top games are generally the ones which you will be able to have a bet on.

The Most popular Esports Game to bet on

At the time of writing the most popular game on is ‘League of Legends’, also known as ‘LoL’. This game is arguably the most popular game across the globe and is a popular game for betting on.

Like football and other popular ‘normal’ sports, you can bet on League of Legends every day, so if you miss a game, there will always be another one taking place shortly after.

In this game, you can bet on a variety of things, not just the match winner. There is a handicap market, like other sports, where you can bet on a team to start the game with -1.5 kills if you want to increase the odds and you think they are a much better team than who they are playing against.

You can bet on other things too, such as which team will have the most kills, who will get the first kill, the number of towers destroyed etc. Now all this which has been said will sound like a foreign language if you are not into the world of Esports or gaming, so it is advised not to bet on this until you understand the ins and outs of jargon and how the game is played.

Learning about LoL

Thankfully, there are plenty of websites out there which are extremely helpful when you are trying to decide what team will win. For League of Legends, the best website to use to aid you when betting is a website called This website allows you to watch or study replays of professional teams, so if you missed a game or wanted to see how a team played in their last game, you can do so.

Also, on this website you can find stats, which is always a great way of deciding what to bet on, in any kind of betting, and you can find the standings (league tables) for every region or event taking place. This way you can see if the team at the bottom of the league is playing the top of the league, and you might fancy the chances of betting on a handicap to get better odds, or for the better team to get to 10 kills first, as on recent form they are performing much better.

Another website which is extremely helpful, but people who are new to Esports betting might find it hard to understand is the LoL page at This essentially is a wiki page, but it can show you almost everything which offers, without the replays and VODs (Video on demand/Replays).

You can see a player's stats and can dive quite deep into the statistics of teams. I must admit this website is not very user friendly if you are new to the Esports/LoL scene, so this might take a little time to get used to, but this is definitely a great piece of kit to help with your League of Legends betting.

Other popular games which are big in the Esports world are Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO), Call of Duty, Valorant, Rocket League and many more.

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