WeLoveBetting Cash Race | The Sunday Social | 8th March 2015


BEEN playing the WeLoveBetting Cash Race? Every Sunday we’ll give you the chance to boost your points tally in the Sunday Social.

How It Works

  1. Every Sunday we’ll list 10 teams playing that day (this week’s teams are below).
  2. Each team will have a Cash Race points value next to them.
  3. You choose two teams. Email your two picks to [email protected]. Feel free to pick two from the same match.
  4. If any of your teams win, then you receive the Cash Points allotted to them.
  5. Entries must be received by 15:30 on Sunday, before the first game (Dundee Utd v Celtic) kicks-off.
  6. Any questions give us a shout on Twitter @WeLoveBettingUK or at [email protected]

This Week’s Teams

  • Liverpool to beat Blackburn – 2 Cash Race Points
  • Blackburn to beat Liverpool – 8 Cash Race Points
  • Celtic to beat Dundee United – 3 Cash Race Points
  • Dundee United to beat Celtic – 7 Cash Race Points
  • Napoli to beat Inter – 4 Cash Race Points
  • Inter to beat Napoli – 6 Cash Race Points
  • Atletico Madrid to beat Valencia – 3 Cash Race
  • Valencia to beat Atletico Madrid – 7 Cash Race Points
  • Montpellier to beat Lyon – 5 Cash Race Points
  • Lyon to beat Montpellier – 5 Cash Race Points

Next Steps

  1. Chose your teams.
  2. Email your two teams to [email protected]
  3. Entries after 15.30 on Sunday will not be accepted.
  4. Cash Race points will be allocated to all winning selections and added to your monthly total.

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