Black Eye Friday Betting | 19th December 2014 | Win A £10 Free Bet


NOW for something completely different on WeLoveBetting. Come and play our fun Black Eye Friday game. Ho ho ho!

Black Eye Friday | Friday Night/Saturday Morning

Black Eye Friday is traditionally the last working day before Christmas. After work is finished, people go to the pub, consume alcohol and get violent. It’s a very British thing!

We’re posting odds on which town/city will see the most arrests in relation to it’s population. When the figures come through we’ll work out the % of arrests by that town’s population. One bet per person. WeLoveBetting will liaise with the police tomorrow morning to accrue all the correct figures. Merry Christmas!

Highest % Of Black Eye Friday Arrests By Population

Glasgow – 5/2

Hull – 5/1

Stoke – 11/2

Newcastle – 7/1

Swansea – 7/1

Carlisle – 8/1

Middlesbrough – 8/1

Preston – 14/1

Cardiff – 14/1

Edinburgh – 20/1

London – 25/1

Manchester – 25/1

Sheffield – 25/1

Norwich – 33/1

Birmingham – 33/1

Bristol – 40/1

Dumfries – 100/1

Hemel Hempstead – 500/1

Royal Leamington Spa – 1000/1


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  1. I’ll go for my home city – Hull @ 7/1. I’m staying safely indoors, I’m not saying we’ll win but it looks good value. We are bound to want to get it out of our systems well before being on relatively good behaviour for City of Culture 2017!

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