The Apprentice | Win A £10 Free Bet | 26th November 2014


NOW for something completely different on WeLoveBetting. A chance to win a £10 Free Bet by placing ‘bets’ on BBC1 programme The Apprentice. Craig Taylor was our winner last week, will you be top of the boardroom this week?

The Apprentice | Wednesday 21:00 | BBC1

We’re giving you a fictional £100 betting bank to use on Wednesday night’s edition of The Apprentice. You can bet before the show, or in:play as the episode progresses.

We’ll be posting odds on who will get fired and other markets before AND during the show. Your job is to make as much profit from your £100 bank as possible. The player who makes the most profit will win the £10 Free Bet.

Winning Markets

James To Be Fired – 11/4 to 1/4

Dan & Mark Argue – EVS

Profitable Players

Plenty Of Profits – £181.25

Daz Tunnell – £162.50

Ken Banks – £100



  1. The opening odds will be posted around on Wednesday afternoon. The final odds will be posted at 21:45 on Wednesday.
  2. Odds will be updated four times during the show. 21:10, 21:25, 21:40 and 21:45.
  3. You can place your bet(s) before the show and/or in:play during the show.
  4. Betting closes after the final 21:45 odds update. This will be indicated by a tweet from the WeLoveBetting account.
  5. To register your bet(s) please just tweet us @WeLoveBettingUK.
  6. You can place as many bets as you like during this period as long as your overall stake does not exceed £100.
  7. The player with the most profit after the firing(s) wins the £10 Free Bet.
  8. In the event of a tie, we will hold a tiebreaker challenge on Thursday.
  9. You must be a follower of WeLoveBetting to win the £10 Free Bet.
  10. WeLoveBetting have the final say on the winning player.

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